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Aug 23,2014
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We’re all too familiar with this.

That is the single greatest moment of panic I’ve ever experienced.

Aug 23,2014
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Aug 11,2014
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"What’s a Wheezy?"…"The thing Harry Potter will miss most, sir!” 

i did one for ginny and now finally have done one for ron

this could have been so much longer


Aug 11,2014
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Aug 11,2014
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Aug 11,2014
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i get so pissed off when people accuse harry potter fans of over-criticizing the movies because the directors:

  • fucked up ronald weasley’s entire character
  • made hermione perfect because obviously the only way an audience can appreciate a female character is if she has no flaws 
  • destroyed ginny weasley’s personality when she happens to be the main character’s love interest
  • white-washed most of the main cast when 2/3 of the golden trio could have been people of color
  • screwed up the MAIN VILLAIN’S DEATH in a way that undermines the entire point of his character
  • conveniently left out regulus black’s entire storyline and contributed to the problematic idea that being a slytherin and valuing ambition and cunning automatically makes you a dirty evil person

yes, they messed up a lot of little things but they also messed up huge, plot-changing, point-missing, life-killing things so please never tell a harry potter fan that they’re too picky when the directors missed 70% of the big picture

Aug 11,2014
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Anonymous said: What was symbolic about voldemorts death in the book?


Because when I read his book death, it’s like it all comes full circle for Voldemort. In “The Flaw in the Plan”, when Harry and he are having their exchange in the Great Hall, Jo refers to him as “Voldemort”, but once he’s dead, once it’s all over, it’s Tom Riddle’s body that hits the floor with a mundane finality. It’s like she was saying that, in the end, despite all of his efforts to prove how special and above everyone he was, he died as nothing more than a man. He didn’t go out in a cloud of smoke and dust, like you’d imagine a great being would. Because he was powerful, but he wasn’t great. Voldemort would hate the way he died.


Aug 11,2014
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Game of Thrones ladies in 4x01, Two Swords.

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Aug 11,2014
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okay if we’re mutuals u can

  • ask for my phone number
  • snapchat
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • skype
  • kik

this has been a psa thank u

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I painted my graduation cap.
Because I’d rather be at Hogwarts.